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Return of the Lamp Monster

One more time, because someone needs to, I am reviewing some of the most hideous lamps ever to have disgraced homes and hovels around our fair country. I can’t forget to repeat the essential old saw that there’s no accounting for taste. And I’ll add that there’s no accounting for bad taste more than ever.

When selecting furnishings for your new home, renovated home, man cave, or teenage love swamp, remember that you have to live there. And if you haven’t abandoned all hope of having visitors other than stray rodents, insects, and uninvited reptiles, the basic notion of employing simple designs and inviting colors still applies.

The Woofinator


This almost looks like a Pixar cartoon from the day. Except it’s way more twisted than anything an inventive animator would create. I’m disturbed to see where the power cord’s attached.

Blood Sport

I loved the inventiveness of this set of lamps, until I visited the A Tribe Called Next blog where writer Stefan reveled in the matching set of blood-seeping pillows you put under your head to create the sensation of natural or unnatural hemorrhages. Thrill your friends!

Mount Olive

At first blush, I thought this cheery lamp was a caricature of good old Mr. Peanut, then I saw it was an olive, chugging a martini while holding a cigar. A perfect night light for the kids’ room.

Miss Torso

Speaking of the right choice for decorating a nursery, here’s Miss Torso. I stole the line from Hitchcock’s Rear Window, but it seems a apt moniker for this disgusting fixture. The lamp, say bloggers at Find Great Stuff’s Ugly Lamp Contest, is four feet tall. Wonder if its tassels glow when it wants to “call home”.


Thank you very much!

Green Appliances: Show Me the Money

Since last fall, more than half of the states in the land have offered rebates to consumers when they trade in their energy-chugging appliances on new, efficient fridges, stoves, washers, and AC units. But despite the Department of Energy’s proffered $300 million in appliance rebates, very little of the cash has been claimed. I want to know, what’s up with you?

Catching the Wave

At least Californian David Spar has recycled old appliances. But California residents have only claimed a fourth of the $31 million in rebate money allotted to the state.

Need a Cold One?

A cold fridge, that is. One that won’t bust your savings account and qualifies you for a $200 rebate? Apparently not. The USA TODAY claims that freezers and fridges are the biggest energy hogs in the kitchen. So why aren’t more people buying efficient models that save upwards of $200 a year in electric bills? Add the $200 rebate and you’ve recovered a large chunk of the price. Hello, people!

Need a Colder One?
ac unit

There are even rebates for new central air and window AC units. If you’re ready to recycle the old window unit, you’ll get $50 toward the purchase of an energy-efficient model.

One Man’s Trash

rolling away

Forget about that old saying. One’s man’s trash is not another man’s treasure. You have to dispose of your old clunker properly. Many retailers will pick up and recycle your old model when they deliver your energy-efficient fridge. Some states offer additional cash incentives for proper recycling of appliances. For help in locating your state’s policies, check with the EnergyStar website.

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    We've recently bought a house which needs A LOT of work and I'm trying to convince my other half to let me build a "room of my own" for the house, one where I can put my games console and beer fridge. She's not gone for it yet though. The most I've managed to get is an office I can work out of ... not quite the same ... LoL.

    Mine would certainly be like the car boot room in the first image :)


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