Home designs you haven’t seen before

What makes a structure a home? Is it that it provides safety, security and warmth? Looking at house exteriors from around the world, you have to drop your criteria for a house to have a certain number of walls, doors and windows. Some of these unique examples of the expression of architecture won’t capture everyone’s fancy. But for the families who live in them, these houses are a home.

Putting the ark into architecture

Photo by Odd Stuff

Photo by Odd Stuff

This home in the Alps looks more like the concrete version of Noah’s houseboat. I don’t know what possesses people to live in what looks like a gourd set on a kicking tee, but I’m sure it’s wonderment to its residents.

Give neighbors the cold shoulder

Photo by Cool Picture Gallery

Photo by Cool Picture Gallery

Don’t live here if you need a lot of ambient light to stave off the blues. I don’t know what replacement windows cost for a dome like this, but I’d look into it — unless you’re comfy sitting in the dark all day just chewing the blubber.

Rock out

Photo by My Unusual

Photo by My Unusual

You can’t stand listening to the neighbors quarrel or the roar of a lawn mower at 7 am Saturday mornings. This unique house offers quietude, plenty of fresh air, and the optimal social climate for learning the bagpipes.

Moony Moolah

Photo by Taiwan Cycles

Photo by Taiwan Cycles

This is what “home” looks like to one Taiwanese family. Spaceship retro is an architectural school unto its own, whether in Xinyi Township or Area 51.  (Doesn’t Madonna wear apparel that resembles this?)

But what’s right with it?

Photo by Minimalisti

Photo by Minimalisti

Maryanna at Minimalisti had this to ask about the photo above:  “Ever walked by a modern house design and found yourselves wondering what’s wrong with this building?” Uh-huh! This structure in Portugal feels awfully busy, but I bet someone proudly calls it home.

What your lawn ornament says about YOU

If clothes make the man, what do lawn ornaments make? A very Zen question, and simple as any Zen question on its surface. What does it mean about you when you plant a fat stone Buddha on your lawn? What if you put a pink flamingo there? Or a wheelbarrow powdered with rust?

Go ahead and consider your lawn and garden an expression of creativity and whimsy. But what I think as “fun” on the clothing-optional beach in Jamaica  is hardly “fun” on a sprawling lawn in the Disney-owned Golden Oak community.

A year ago this month I surveyed lawn gnomes for this blog and then tossed all night with foul dreams. Now, these detestable lawn ornaments fuel a craving in me for Imodium:

House exteriors and posteriors

Photo by Biranna

Photo by Biranna

I really have little to say. I think the craze is dying out. Let us hope so.

In the garden of lost car keys

Photo by Odee

Photo by Odee

I’ve done it, spent hours in the backyard looking for my keys. One day my flop-flops up and disappeared. Then it was a T-bone, right off the grill!

Say it isn’t so

Photo by David Ettlin

Photo by Bonnie Schupp

Bonnie Schupp spotted this lawn ornament outside an antique store in Tennessee. There are more than you think on America’s lawns. I found an article at Horse Info that claims that the first “Jocko” or groomsman hitching post was created by George Washington. Later, slaves escaping to Canada via the Underground Railroad found their way in part by the colors of ribbons tied to Jockos.

The goddess of lawn care

Photo by Eye Fetch

Photo by Eye Fetch

Anthropologists doing a dig of what used to be New Jersey found what appears to have been an ancient goddess of grass and lawns buried in a mound of broken branches, pipes, conduit and vinyl siding. Sometime before the 2012 Apocalypse foretold by Mayans, human beings in the Trenton area apparently erected their goddess statue, sat in a chair, drank beer and worshiped her.

Trolling for taste

Photo by Etsy

Photo by Etsy

I always try to nail the dismount on this blog. Torn between going with a flamingo ornament or a gnome sitting on a mushroom, I chose this hybrid that celebrates three gnomes chowing down on a pink flamingo.

The horror.

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    I wonder how far the folks in the Rock House are able to drive in their car? Maybe down to their boat? It's so true that home is where you are at the moment.