I’ve spent many of my happiest hours on a train. I loved the elevated subway that ran from New York to Coney Island. I loved waking up in a sleeper car in the middle of the Swiss Alps. I reveled in the clattering steam train that went up a rickety mountain track in Kyushu, Japan. Before AMTRAK lost its charm and comfortable accommodations, I loved rolling along the rails from Chicago across the plains and Rockies to California. I could easily see myself living aboard a snug railroad car.

So can the people who have modified rolling railroad architecture into unique, stationary homes. We’ve all seen roadside cafes converted into diners. But these people loved railroad coach designs enough to convert them or add them to existing dwellings.

Off the beaten tracks


This converted train car in Portland is for sale and comes with a full-electric kitchen, DSL and what the owners describe as an “incinerator toilet.” (Sure hope it never activates while in use!) The rent on the siding where the car is parked is a scant $125 a month. Hard to pass by, isn’t it? Get more details at Web Urbanist.

Unique home delivery


This German couple bought two postal cars retired from a Swiss railroad and shipped them home for $37,600 – a price that topped the $29,000 asking price for the pair at the online store where they purchased them. An architect planned the portion of the house that connects the cars. The cars open into the home via the original sliding doors. Read more at Fun Portion.

Old #41


In 1889, this car went into service on the San Francisco and Northern Pacific Railway and was retired in the 1930s. It languished as a converted duplex until 1979, when it was further converted into a houseboat moored at Richardson Bay’s upscale town of Sausalito. Hope floats!

The house of spirits


In Russia, it seems, converting railroad cars into orthodox churches is totally in vogue. English Russia has a startling array of photos of many cars transformed into functional, well-designed churches.  Have a look at this cool interior:

russian conversion

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