Often the best ideas for home improvements come from seeing agonizing photos of what not to do. Today’s cornucopia of nauseating interiors comes from Hooked on Houses and Ugly House Photos, two websites that celebrate—if that’s the word—the grim reality of bad taste. So settle back, pour yourself a tall, refreshing tumbler of Pepto Bismol, and get yourself all learned up about what not to do.

House Hunter

house hunter

No, not that kind of house hunter. This kind: grab your coat and hat and your favorite Bushmaster rifle and head out on the highway.

House of Double Vanity

vanity is all

This bathroom looks like an amalgam of American-Japanese design—without any hint of Zen. Maybe the owner has VERY LARGE hands. Julia’s Hooked on Houses has an exceptional array of bizarre interior designs. The website also has photos of celebrity homes.

Polish Joke

stripper home

I give up. Is this entry way modeled on a strip club theme, or do these poles merely create a vibrational vortex for a spiritual ritual at the base? The house is staged to sell…but to whom?

Make that a Double


Double of Pepto, I mean. This room from Ugly House Photos not only serves as an effective emetic, it echoes the moody interiors from Guatanamo Bay.

Flushed at the Home Office

stinky office

This home office idea combines the worst of all worlds. Remember when you quit the company to work at home and get away from all that corporate crap?

Cyclotronic Ambiance

painted desert

Back in the day, astronauts and test pilots were strapped into a cyclotron and whizzed around in circles to see how G-forces and space contraction would affect their bodies.

This is how.

3 Responses to “Learning Interior Design from the Experts”

  1. Jerry says:

    Those are definitely stripper poles! A true custom house staged to sell for thousands…perhaps a discount for an offer made in one dollar bills?

  2. Randy says:

    Why doesn’t the guy with all the taxidermy just live in the wilderness since he loves being surrounded by animals. That is pretty creepy and a little bit much in my opinion…that is a small room for all that business.

  3. Iris says:

    You missed the whole point with kitchen paint job. Letting the kiddies loose with their fingerpaints saves the homeowners the onerous chore of DIY decorating.

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    Hey Woodrow,

    You've put together a great post here. Hardwearing and long-lasting bedroom furniture is so important when you have young children, and choosing pieces which can handle the rough-and-tumble that comes with having little ones is key!

    Best wishes, Alex.

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    I plan to do this. What was your process in painting the bottom...outside portion of the tub?

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    Woodrow, you have once again 'nailed' the essence of the issue of staging your home for sale with easy to understand pics and words. These are definitely rules to live by, oh wise one! I know I"m soaking up the knowledge you share--- now excuse me while I wring myself out. Can't wait for the next issue.

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    We've recently bought a house which needs A LOT of work and I'm trying to convince my other half to let me build a "room of my own" for the house, one where I can put my games console and beer fridge. She's not gone for it yet though. The most I've managed to get is an office I can work out of ... not quite the same ... LoL.

    Mine would certainly be like the car boot room in the first image :)


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    I wonder how far the folks in the Rock House are able to drive in their car? Maybe down to their boat? It's so true that home is where you are at the moment.