Let it slide: Playful architecture for adult children

Don’t know about you, but when I get home I’m anxious to slip into something comfortable. Today’s blog is about making it even easier. It’s the single-happiest discovery I’ve made about architecture and interiors. I loved the idea in Ghost Busters of having an office with a fire pole. But these home designs that include inside slides for kids (and adults, too!) are about as fantastic as it gets. Sadly, almost all of them are from homes overseas, which says something about the conservative Puritan ethic in American architecture. Friends, if I ever hit the lottery, I’m building a home with a huge slide in it.

Architecture that goes whee!

head first

I’m not saying that I never went head-first from an upper floor to the lower one. I’m just saying I never did it on a slide. Look at this and other interiors that include designs for slides at High Gloss Blue.

Glee for your chi


Recently, Yahoo featured a slide show (imagine that!) of a home in Tokyo’s Nakameguro district that features a slide that descends over three stories, emptying out in a first-floor library.

What goes up, must come down


I may like the use of glass in this design, but I love the idea of taking the stairs on the way up and sliding my way back down. I even might climb the slide, hands, elbows and knees, to the second floor.

Newtonian interiors

circular slide

Here’s another home borrowing from the contrary actions principle. I’d love use it to test out the laws of inertia, wearing a tux for a wedding and cradling a teeming fish bowl.

Boomerang theory in architecture


This home in Indonesia employs a concrete slide that exits the home on the second floor children’s bedroom and has its re-entry in the kitchen. I was going to say the Jakarta slide had a re-entry “downstairs”, but why bother with the stairs? See additional views at Dezeen Magazine. Here’s another look:


Just remember: the more you slide the less you have to hide. (I just made that up.)

5 Responses to “Let it slide: Playful architecture for adult children”

  1. brett says:

    Wow, these are great photos. I just figured out what my next home improvement project is going to be….

  2. Jerry says:

    I lived in a house once that had an old fire pole that went between the upper and lower floors…but these slides are much better!

  3. Iris says:

    What comes down, must go up first. Do they crawl up the slide on their hands and knees?

  4. SpinDyeKnit says:

    [...] I want the dark wood one, fourth picture down. I’d need a second story for it, but eh, details.)

  5. LisaY says:

    I wanted to do something like this, but found out it is a code violation to have a steep incline that drops more than 1″ inch for every 8′ feet. Gotta love gov’t invasion in your home.

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