In 1603, English courts decided in the famed Semayne’s Case that every homeowner had the right to protect his house against illegal entry, making a home truly one’s castle. I’ve walked the damp, winding stairways of English and Scottish castles and got little besides chills and shin splints. If you don’t have servants to tend to dozens of rooms, a castle could get dusty in a hurry.

Still, every year, British, Irish, French and even American castles go on the market with a flourish of bugles and, lately, a price cut. Do you still wax romantic about living in a castle? Grab your checkbooks!

Knight Templar house exteriors

Photo by CNBC

Photo by CNBC

Clan Houston built this classic example of Scottish-Norman architecture in the 12th century. It can be yours today for a mere $1.12 million. It stands on six acres with four bedrooms, four baths, and a crenelated tower. Read more about it at CNBC.

Designs from the other continent

Photo by Castles for Sale

Photo by Castles for Sale

Only a half-hour from Durban, the South African “Stradford Castle” sits on a fish-stocked lake and Par 72 golf course…all for sale at of $365 000. It’s a spear’s-throw away from the local game preserve.

Not your usual Jeffersonian

Photo by Castles for Sale

Photo by Castles for Sale

Why buy a Colonial home when you can have this West Virginia castle in Berkeley Springs? For $1.8 million you can command all you see from this 20-room estate with tower room and wine cellar. The home is a registered national historical landmark.

Get out your Capri Pants

Photo by Medievalists

Photo by Medievalists

You get more than alliteration when you own the 12,000-square-foot Castiglione Castle on Capri. Dating back to the first century A.D. – long before the invention of vinyl siding — this complex of villas overlooking the sea was a sturdy fortress against the elements of nature and war. It’s a steal today for $46 million.

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