From humble origins, the youngsters who lived in the homes pictured below grew into musical legends. Many singer-songwriters, like Bruce Springsteen, have always sung about their hometown and upbringing. Some weave adolescent stories into the architectures of their discography.

Fans make pilgrimages to the homes of their heroes’ beginnings; others stand outside the locked gates of mansions where the singers live today. These homes show the environment from which these megastars found their voice.

I ain’t gonna act politically correct

Photo by Shania Twain Biography

Photo by Shania Twain Biography

Brick and siding is what you think of in urban designs, but floor-level of this house in Timmins, Ontario, is the childhood home of a country singer. Born Eileen Regina Edwards, Shania Twain shared a basement room with her sister here.

There’s a red house over yonder

Photo by The Seattle Times

Photo by The Seattle Times

But you won’t find it anymore. In this 900-square-foot house in Seattle, a 13-year-old Jimi Hendrix began playing guitar after seeing Elvis Presley perform. Despite an effort by a local developer to save the home, it was razed in 2009. Read more about it in The Seattle Times.

The kid is not my son

Photo by Fashion 121

Photo by Fashion 121

The flowers are for the eighth of ten children who were packed into this Gary, Indiana home.  Michael, born August 29, 1958, and the other Jacksons lived here until they were signed by Motown and moved to Los Angeles in 1968.

Sleeping in that old abandoned beach house

Photo by The Star Ledger

Photo by The Star Ledger

Along the Jersey shore, houses with cottage designs were inexpensive to rent in the mid 1970s. In this house, at 7 1/2 W. End Ct. Long Branch, Springsteen wrote his fabled songs, Born to Run, Thunder Road and Backstreets. He wasn’t born here, but his legend was.

Like a child, you whisper softly to me

Photo by Fox News

Photo by Fox News

A half hour outside Detroit, you’ll find this two-story, colonial-style Rochester Hills home that Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone shared with five siblings and her parents.  Madonna’s mother died from cancer in 1963 when the future singer was only 5 years old.

Come back, baby, I wanna play house with you

Photo by Our Pratville

Photo by Our Pratville

This two-room shack was built in 1934 in Tupelo, Mississippi by Vernon Presley. His wife Gladys gave birth to twins on January 8, 1935, but only Elvis survived.

How did your childhood home and environment influence you?

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